Business Security: A Priority, Not an Option

Statistics from industry experts reveal a startling fact: businesses are four times more likely to be targeted by burglars than homes. This underlines the essential need for effective security systems in commercial spaces.

The Art of Security Camera Placement

At Mirador Systems, we don’t just install cameras; we strategically place them. Delving into the ideal heights for camera installation isn’t just technical jargon; it’s crucial to safeguarding your business.

Continue reading to learn about the optimal heights for positioning your security cameras for maximum effectiveness.

Optimal Heights for Entry Points

For entrances and exits, employing a two-tiered approach is most effective. Positioning a camera at approximately seven feet offers a comprehensive view. Simultaneously, a camera at eye level ensures detailed facial recognition. This method provides thorough monitoring of all entry and exit points.

Outdoor Camera Placement: Balancing Height and Safety

To deter vandals and thieves, cameras should be mounted out of easy reach, ideally around nine feet high. This height is effective in preventing tampering.

Guarding Against the Elements

Protecting outdoor cameras from lightning is crucial. Instead of just focusing on height, consider the location. Mounting cameras at a lower height, such as nine feet on a building’s side, while avoiding isolated, high points can be beneficial. Also, incorporating lightning protectors in lightning-prone areas is a wise move.

Specialized Camera Heights for Specific Needs

  • License Plate Recognition: For accuracy, these cameras should be installed three to four feet above the ground, angled upwards to capture license plates effectively.
  • Facial Recognition: Ideal placement is between five to six feet, aligning with the average face level. Positioning slightly above eye level helps in reducing glare and improving recognition accuracy.

Varied Environments, Varied Heights

  • Retail and Office Spaces: Cameras placed at five to six feet, around eye level, are effective in these settings for clear facial recognition and identifying individuals.
  • Warehouses and Manufacturing Areas: Higher placements, like 10 to 12 feet, provide a panoramic view, ideal for monitoring large areas.

Public Transportation Security

For public transit, cameras should be mounted at about seven feet above average eye level to optimize cabin surveillance and minimize blind spots.

Mirador Systems: Your Expert in Security Solutions

Mirador Systems, headquartered in Concord, NH, isn’t just a provider of top-notch security equipment; we’re experts in crafting comprehensive security strategies. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and expertise.

Experience our commitment firsthand with a free site survey and security assessment. Contact Mirador Systems for a consultation with our specialists and elevate your business security to new heights.