About Us

Mirador Systems designs, installs, and maintains cutting-edge systems that create intelligent, efficient, and secure facilities.  From whole buildings to individual rooms, our solutions improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the comfort and well-being of occupants.  Backed by years of experience in the security, law enforcement, and information technology fields, you’ll benefit from a seamless experience as we manage the entire process, from design and layout to ongoing maintenance and servicing of your systems.

Our Solutions can be found in

Commercial Buildings

Schools & Universities

Public Sector Facilities

What’s In a Name?

We’re often asked about our logo, how we got our name, and what ‘Mirador’ means.

Our logo is a representation of the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine, part of the beautiful Midcoast Region. The founders of the company have vacationed in the area since 1997, and the lighthouse has been a frequent destination during their stays. The role of a lighthouse aligns perfectly with the solutions and services Mirador Systems provides.

The word “mirador” itself is derived from the Spanish language, and it refers to a viewpoint or an observation point that provides a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The function of a lighthouse and meaning of Mirador are synonymous with our mission to guide and look out for our customers.

Did you know?

The iconic Windows 7 background image showcased the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse? The photograph featured the lighthouse standing proudly on a rocky cliff, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has been an important maritime landmark since its construction in 1827. Thanks to the photo’s distribution with tens of millions of PCs, it is widely recognized and appreciated by people around the world.

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